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  • Listing your property

    Have you ever listed your property, not yet?
    Let's do it today. Below are the steps which will take you to list your property in just a few clicks.

  • Name and Location

    Give your property a name and share its address with the landmark and nearby places to attract your guests.

  • Property Set up Details

    Add facilities, amenities, policies, Luxurious room with attached bathroom, and other facilities like Wi-Fi, swimming pool.

  • Photo Gallery

    Share some good and high-quality photos of your property (at least one).

  • In Pricing and calendar

    List the rates per night and calendar for guests to book the property accordingly.

  • Review and Its done!

    Before submitting, please review all the details and open your property to guests. Enjoy working with us.

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Pleasures of working with us

Your property listed anywhere or not yet, it is the right time and the right platform to start listing out your property.

Types of property can be added to the platform

Hostel, Apartments, villas, Guest House, and everything in between can be listed for free.

Opportunity to earn

We provide you the freedom to choose the dates on which guests can book your property on our portal. The only thing to do is to enter the location of your property and check how much you can expect to earn.


Our pricing structure is based on the fact that the price set by you is the price paid by guests. There are no other leverages added by us. With this, you can price your property according to the market rates and receive more guests.

What your commission goes towards


Visibility on search engines and maps

Every traveller starts with the search engines and the maps, so before travellers come to us, we proactively promote your property on search engines and online maps all across the globe, which will provide direct visibility of your property.

Easy payment option

One of the major concerns of anyone is the payment. We have developed the technical infrastructure to support payments in many markets. Our goal is to provide a range of secure, simple, and quick payment methods to your guest to make the payment without any hassle and with ease.

Regulate your listing

Whether it is the first time or you have registered your property on another web portal, we are here to grow your business successfully.

Booking Is in your hands

We give you the freedom to choose the calendar dates for guests to make bookings on our portal. You will be able to update the availability of your property at any time. No lock-in contract has to be signed. You have full control of the property in your hands.